# New Beauty Everyday Form and substance make up the thoughts in the human mind. Intangible machinations behind the eyes of every galaxy with a name. All mingled with the darkness of regretted and unregretted actions done in secret and with evil intent. An overweight bald forty-year-old sits for a moment and enjoys the effects of a deep, abiding spiritual relationship with God, and laments those who have to get a glimpse of it via psychedelics and mass forced experiences. The light pours into a darkened laundry room and casts the soft shadow of a laundry basket onto the floor. The muted tones of a true fall day ask a question with bright contrast: "Can you see the beauty here?" Sometimes the beauty of the moment is found in the contrast of the desperate evil that pervades the circumstances before us. It drives the light into hot points of concentrated good. The beauty is in the knowing that soon these points will burst forth in lives both large and small in exuberant display, only to be received again because evil and darkness are ever present. This cycle will continue until it does not, and the light is forever, and evil is fully exposed for what it is.