![](images/namelesstaco-1024x663.png) **The Color out of Shrimp** - A shrimp taco whose shrimp had been seasoned with something that made them almost magenta.  **At the Mountains of Mahi-Mahi** \- House Special interstellar fish tacos. Literally out of this world.  **The Duckwich Horror** - Peking duck with cabbage and a savory oriental cursed spice.  **The Siracha over Innsmouth** - Sriracha marinated horseshoe crab with a spicy pickled onions and of course creamy sriracha sauce.  ** The Statement of Randolph Carnitas** - Slow cooked pulled pork with savory seasonings, rare red cilantro, and purple avocado.  **History of the Nachonomicon** \- The recipe for these nachos was pulled directly from an ancient grimoire. To write the recipe here would be to spread its madness.  **The El Pollo in the Walls** - A simple chicken taco with a twist. Not only does it feature our special seasoning mix. Not only will you enjoy this very simple taco but you will think the chickens have come to your home to roost. ... in the walls. **The Call of Cholula** - braised octopus tacos with a healthy dose of Cholula Hot Sauce