Back in 2014, many public utility boxes in Longview were tagged with the words "[Those who seek…](" It was everywhere, and all of the tags went up around the same time. No one was ever able to uncover the who, what, or where of the graffiti. To this day, the reasons behind this remain a mystery. At the time of the tagging, there was speculation that the tag was religious in nature, a vague call to a zeitgeist of spirituality, some thought. Most people who saw the tags simply saw it as a mystery for mystery's sake. The general response from the city was to simply forget about it. The year is now 2023, nine years later, and I have the pleasure of sitting down with the person whose _true_ name he says is "Those Who Seek." Interviewer: It wasn't easy finding you, Those Who Seek. Those Who Seek: I meant it to be that way. It's the reason why I am giving you this interview. I figure anyone that remembers my little art spree and had the tenacity to track me down deserves an interview. Interviewer: I suppose the best place to start is to ask what you are comfortable telling me about yourself? Those Who Seek: I am your average middle-aged guy, I have a dog, and a cat and live alone. Though I am not unhappy. Life is good, and it keeps on looking up. I also live in East Texas still. Interviewer: Do you still do graffiti? Those Who Seek: Do graffiti? I used to make art. I used to give people a sense of mystery. No, not since 2014. I was younger, had some big plans. The "Those Who Seek" tags were supposed to be an introduction to a series of questions. I wanted it to have enough impact to be noticed but not so much that news stories got written about it. It was really over before it began. Interviewer: Really! This was supposed to be part of a larger project? Can you give us some idea of what the rest of it was going to be like? Those Who Seek: It was supposed to be larger. I had created a sculpture, and my plan was to eventually place it downtown at the climax. It was like performance art. I had intended for it to be something that I was never known for. I wanted the whole thing to fly just below the radar, and all of that went away immediately. Interviewer: Will you tell me about the sculpture? Those Who Seek: No, I don't think I will. Well, I can tell you it was otherworldly, but that's it. Who knows, I might still do something with it. Interviewer: What do you do now? Do you still do art and sculpture, or is that fully behind you? Those Who Seek: I still draw and dream. I don't think I could ever really shake that. As far as cohesive projects, not really. Nothing more than doodles in a sketchbook. The needs of life and my desire to be able to afford food really get in the way of this kind of activity. Interviewer: I am sad to hear that. The "Those Who Seek" tag really captured my imagination. I remember seeing the tag on a green utility box off of 259 where the Target is, then again in downtown. Just seeing two of those, I never forgot and have always wondered who you were and why. Those Who Seek: Thank you; that really means a lot that I had at least some of the intended effect. I hope I don't disappoint now that you are meeting me. Interviewer: I admit some disappointment but not in you. In that you could not complete the work. Those Who Seek: I feel that. Interviewer: So is there anything else you would like to share or maybe a message you would want others to hear from you? Those Who Seek: Yeah, I have been getting into the world of supplements and am looking to sell a new infused honey product that I am working on. So keep a look out for that. Interviewer: How do you plan to stay anonymous while selling a product? Those Who Seek: I have a distributor and a guy I am partnering with. He supplies the insights, and I supply… Well, that might be saying too much.