A Robinson R44 has been quarantined at the Gregg County Airport. All surviving passengers seem to have been evacuated and placed into quarantine at the airport. Our man on the ground tells us that authorities are planning to incinerate the plane and its contents. According to sources and some astral projection practitioners, a biologist named Moanky Torrent was coming back from an unknown South American location with a sample of a new species of honeybees hidden away in a glass container in his carry-on. Mr. Torrent admits that this was illegal and will willingly face the consequences. He insists he had no idea that the altitude change would affect the new species the way it has. "I had made several connecting flights without being detected. At each stop, I had noticed that the bees seemed to be producing more and more wax. This is strange; I had deposited some honeycomb in the container to keep the bees alive, but there was not enough honey in there to fuel the kind of wax production we were seeing. Then it happened." Mr. Torrent told our source. Moanky described to our source a young girl wanting her blanket and her mother retrieving it. In the process, Mr. Torrent's carry-on was knocked to the floor. The impact opened the container. A loose zipper on his carry-on allowed a trickle and then a swarm of bee\[efn\_note\]uliisrfcabwqpviuleoMlbhfbvkbmrfhjpv\[/efn\_note\]s to fill the cabin. The bees quickly began stinging the passengers and covering surfaces in wax honey comb. Our source tells us that Mr. Torrent was unable to continue with the story, overcome with sorrow. All but one of the passengers made it out. Authorities have asked those in and around East Texas to keep an eye out for loose bee swarms and have warned law enforcement that the hive is on the move and should be considered dangerous.