Police are baffled by the scene they were greeted with when responding to a 911 call at Charles Down Tools Suppliers. It was 3:30 on Wednesday, and as one of the survivors, Harper Macy, would say, "It was your typical day: inventory, sales orders, and bad coffee." The office had just had a short meeting about the projected sales for the month, and spirits were high. That's when things got strange. According to survivors, several creatures wearing garments around their waists, hiding many crab-like legs, shuffled into the office. "They moved so quickly, like they owned the place…" positioning themselves around the office and blocking the exits. Survivors described them as having gray-green torsos blotted with mold or moss of some kind. Their arms terminated in cephalopod-like hands with fleshy maws on the underside of what would be forearms. Their torsos were human-like in shape but seemed only to be containers to hold a nebula-like fluid. It moved like water, with a will. They all formed pseudopod-like protrusions in the place of necks, twice the length your typical human neck. In the fluid floated some kind of organ-like shape connected to a very thin umbilical cord that terminated somewhere in the torso. William Patrick describes what happened next: "We all sat quietly, stupefied by the scene until someone screamed. Then we all fell involuntarily fell silent. There was a smell that came in with them, and I think they used whatever we were breathing to incapacitate us. Several stood up, one before each of the creatures. Large, human-like teeth floated up in the fluid and formed mouths where the creatures would have them if they had faces. Then they bit the heads off of each person. I could see Bob's the head float down into the creatures torso. Then they just left." The police report states that the security footage of the event is corrupted. Survivors of the event are: - Stacy Pink - William Patrick - Evee Chang - Lane Forester - Luis Costman - [Harper Macy](https://www.longviewtruthnews.com/harper-and-the-other-offer/)