Local collector [Art Sheffield](https://mindfulloflight.longviewfoodtruck.com/lunrial-codes/lunrial-codes-prologue/) has always been interested in the occult, strange, and mysterious. As a young man, he would go out at night into his family's end of the Piney Woods and wait quietly, staring at the sky, hoping to see a UFO, a thunderbird, or Bigfoot wandering around watching him. The unexplainable held a fascination for him. The closer you could get to the truth without actually knowing it, the better. After college, he started a logistics company, working to move items from one country and continent to another. Art described falling into the business like falling into a hole someone dug as a trap, except at the bottom, there was a treasure chest and an invitation inviting you to stay. Some have called him a smuggler, but Art insists that everything he does is lawful and legal, which is the hallmark of the service he provides. The career led to much travel, and with the travel, mementos and souvenirs of those travels. Art loved this part of his work, despite the loneliness that constant world travel can bring. The opportunity to continue his boyhood quest for the weird and unexplained kept the loneliness at bay. That is how Art's collection started. The stranger the memento, the better. His collection consists of many strange statues, texts, stones, preserved animals, and items that can only be described as artifacts. At the center of Art's collection is an ornate wooden box on whose surface Art himself has created carvings. The carvings depict various world events with the artistry akin to Greek reliefs and the fluid clarity suggestive of the undulating subconscious. After checking another strange apparatus in the same room, Art was happy to open the box for us. Inside, the box was lined with what [looked to be obsidian, with strange gold or yellow lines](https://www.longviewfoodtruck.com/podcast/longview-food-truck-episode-4-stolen-light/) moving through the black glass. Amongst the glass was Art's most prized possession, the Moon Pool Helm. "I found the Moon Pool Helm here in my backyard. I have a few acres, and most is covered in our beloved pine trees. I heard singing one night. I made my way on that bright night towards the clearing near the back of my property. There, in that clearing doused in the liquid light of the full moon, there was the helmet. Around it grew the most luminous mushrooms I had ever seen. I approached the helmet; the singing made me feel reverent and still. Its coral crown and its array of holes with the swirling pattern tying it all together. It is remarkable." - Art Sheffield Art says the helmet seems to be made mostly of quartz and something similar to bone. It also has a piezoelectric effect when tapping it lightly with a tuning fork that Art keeps in the case. Art's collection is fascinating, and he hopes to secure museum space sometime in the future.