A Chuy's employee found a strange backpack at the new Longview Texas location. The employee described seeing the olive green backpack when he arrived for his shift but only checked it out during his 15-minute break. To his surprise, the backpack was full of what seemed to be silicone impressions of fingerprints. In his confusion, he decided to reach out to the Longview PD, and upon their inspection, they confiscated the backpack and began to run the finger prints through the AFIS database. To their surprise, there were some very high-profile individuals in the backpack including both recent presidents, Andy Mac, and former mayor Jay Dean. Inside sources have told us that at the bottom of the backpack was a monster taco from Jack in the Box. Our insider informed us that between the warring factions of Big Taco and Big Hamburger the Monster Taco was an insult to Big Taco promulgated by Big Hamburger. "As you know Andy Mac recently brokered a truce between Big Taco and Big Hamburger, then Big Taco went and opened a Chuy's. God help us only Jucy's can save us now." said the insider.