On the morning of January 10th at East Texas Regional Airport a small prop plane appeared out of nowhere. The FAA had been having trouble tracking flights that morning and the appearance of the plane startled the flight tower. After attempting to make radio contact and receiving no response the tower began to panic. The plane drew close to the ground the cockpit was opened and a red box with a drag shoot was released. Immediately the plane began to gain altitude before it was even a thousand feet off the ground it suddenly disappeared. Immediately the runway staff ran out to collect the package. Upon observing the package the airport was shut down and a bomb squad was called. Several hours passed when finally the box was opened to reveal a small safe. Inside the sound of movement and machinery was able to be heard. The bomb squad opened the safe by force and to their surprise, an Escheresq combination of gears and components sat moving impossibly through one another. The device was moved from the runway to one of the hangers where the police and airport staff discussed what it could be. About an hour later a car drove up to the hangar and a man identifying himself as an FBI agent. He was described by one of the staff as being very tall with a full-length trench coat and unusually long fingers. "He seemed to simply come in and command that the device be given him. Then we did. We just gave it to him without a single question. Probably for the best. That thing made my eyes blurry and my teeth hum." Shortly after the device was taken into the possession of the alleged FBI agent the FAA's flight systems were restored.