East Texas has many strange and wonderful creatures to enjoy, June bugs, raccoons, orb weavers, camera heads, and the lesser-known mimic. Recently there have been reports pouring into mailboxes letting us know that there has been a rise in the mimic population. In response, we are bringing you this very handy guide to help keep you safe and undigested. ## What is a Mimic? In its true form, it appears to be a grey ooze with a stone-like surface but unfortunately, this is not the form the mimic is usually in. The mimic gets its name from its uncanny ability to take the shape and texture of nearly any inanimate object. ## Life Cycle No one is sure about the reproductive cycles of mimics. What is clear is that they do reproduce. Smaller juvenal mimics will take on the form of jewelry, pencils, nik-naks, and various other small objects. As they grow and mature they take on larger and larger objects eventually being able to mimic small buildings and homes. ## Mimicry When we say mimic and we talk about a mimic taking on the appearance of an object what we are talking about is what appears to be a complete transformation. If a mimic does not move from the outside the object can feel, look like, and even in some cases smell like the object it is mimicking. This is the threat that mimics present. As they are carnivores. ## Stay Aware There is a bread of mimic in East Texas that seems to grow much larger than your typical mimic. Most are only the size of a briefcase or a trunk. However, the giant mimics we have here are mimicking things like train cars, public restrooms in parks, and whole homes. ## The Signs When a mimic is sleeping it can move slightly. Before entering a public restroom stop and stare at the building. Does it move rhythmically like very shallow breathing? Beyond this, you may not know until you open the door and instead of a room, you are met with many eyes and rows and rows of teeth. As a precaution consider letting others go first. Carry post-its with you If you identify a mimic place a post-it on the object labeling it as such.