A stunned world watched today as several golden UFOs descended from the sky onto the lawn of the White House. The saucers sat inert for several hours while the military and a quickly gathered group of scientists gathered. Several individuals in hazmat suites approached and began testing the saucers for radiation while gathering as many close-up pictures as possible. "I was out there with the camera just taking pictures when I noticed it. It said TRUMP with the little R next to it embossed lightly on one of the panels!" An hour after the golden saucers had landed. There was a loud hiss heard from the six saucers and panels slid aside golden ramps with red carpet descended from each saucer and approximately 40 aliens exited the six saucers all of them looking exactly like the 45th president fo the United States. When asked how this is possible the alien responded. "Truly today you will understand the meaning of covfefe"