Schools are places of learning. Schools are places of growth. Schools are loam, seeds, and time. Seeds are little machines of potential. Machines can be altered to fulfill machinations. Machinations are our goal. Children are Seeds. I have read over these words several times in the last few weeks as I compiled and ruminated over my notes. The SAPC is essentially invisible. The little documentation I have is compiled from other sources and the only reason I am confident they exist is, that I interviewed a teacher who will remain anonymous who claimed to be a member of the SAPC. They approached me only a few days after I started researching. The following is a conversation with IT. **T:** So you are with SAPC? **IT:** Yes I am. **T:** I really have not had enough time to gather questions for you it was really strange that you reached out to me. IT: We have our ways. Unlike some other groups, we belive in the long march that has spread our influence wide. **T:** What do you mean by long march? **IT:** Oh you know the long march through the institutions. We are not the only secret society around but we are one of the more effective. **T:** So if you are so secret why are you talking to me? **IT:** Have you not seen the outlet you work for? It's small, silly, and no one will believe you. Sometimes as an organization it is best to let leak some information if anything to spread the fog of war. **T:** A war? What are you fighting for? Who are you fighting? **IT:** Obviously we are fighting parents. That is a given. It is pretty out there nowadays. I bet you can figure out what we are fighting for and what the prize is. **T:** The seeds, the little machines? **IT:** Yes! The children! With their cute little minds and their overwhelming potential. They are all just causality in motion and it is so nice to always be on the ground floor of a new venture. **T:** Why though? I guess I don't see the motivation. **IT:** You have seen the fabian window right? **T:** Yes and I know about the Fabian Society. **IT:** well in that window they hope to be the one to drop the hammer on the world but really there are many waiting in the wings hoping to be the one to land a blow. However, the best way to land that blow is through the minds of the young. Machinations are our goal. The more androgynous the world the easier it will be to gather those machinations and sell them to the highest bidder. Though there is one group much more powerful than us alas we can't really speak on that, can we. **T:** Why not? **IT:** Sweet heart I have to go. Please be safe. **Foot Note** _SAPC (Society of Androgyny and The Prepared Child)_