Accusations of steroid use have surfaced after an incident at a Hallsville Bobcats Basketball game. The game was going as planned when things took a turn for the strange. Miles Tankerson, described the scene as follows. " At first it seemed the volleyball team had come to the game to support the basketball team. They all stood there on the sidelines breathing heavily and tension filled the air. Then our point guard went in for a layup and one of the girls with the speed of a cheetah ran and jumped spiking the ball. The point guard fell back stunned. The girl just roared in his face. The ref scolded the girls but allowed them to stay. Then it happened a second time and the crowd began to murmur that they should be removed from the gymnasium. One of the refs walked over to eject him and the young lady grabbed him and volleyed him into the air, the other girls moved with precision and returned him to the other group. It was inhuman. They must have volleyed him seven eight times before one of them finally spiked him to the ground. We were stunned. We all just stood there watching the whole scene unfold. Then the girls went to go grab one of the basketball team and panic ensued. We all ran. " The Volleyball Coach Lissa Spiff issued a statement. "This is the new order! Soon no one will be able to stop my precious Volleyball team. They will rise up invulnerable and dominate. They will take the earth from the hands of the weak and water the new society that grows with their blood."