Have you ever looked up at the deep Texas blue sky and suddenly become aware of your eye floaters? A floater is biological debris that floats in the fluid contained in your eye. If you are injured or as you get older the gel can pull away from the exterior of the eye this is the primary source of floaters but retinal tears also play a part. Now imagine yourself on a bright sunny day you and your spouse enjoying some much-needed vitamin D when she says "man I have got just a huge floater in my eye." This would not have been so alarming except you were just thinking the same thing. Then you both watch as this floater grows larger and closer. You watch as its body acts as a lens condensing the light and burning the ground with laser point focus. Over the weekend several fires broke out in Kilgore Texas. The official news report is an unknown method of arson. When interviewing witnesses several of the describe a translucent creature that they thought was an eye floater. The creature was air born but it seemed to have become aggressive when stared at. "The way its body bent the light was amazing. I hope the military never gets ahold of it." - Marcus Wellington. Several letter agencies have released contradictory statements to try and flood the zone with a disinformation campaign at the time of reporting.