Hallsville Highschool has a record of excellence in theater. So it shook the little town when tragedy stuck during the first performance of their new one-act play The King in Yellow. The play is ancient and generally has two acts but through some clever remixing Mr. Aza was able to reduce the play down to a single act. The play despite being old requires an Avante guard spirit to produce and act out because of its esoteric nature. On the night of the first performance, the cast and crew report that they were nervous but felt that what they were going to perform was an artistic achievement for HISD arts. The first sign of trouble was when one of the audience members began to laugh uncontrollably and had to be helped to the lobby for some air. Then as the play progressed things took a turn for the worse. Halfway through the play many children and elderly people had begun to cry by the end of the play the actors and the audience were caught up in the emanations of the city of Carcosa. As the actors fulfilled the compultion to complete the play the audience wailed in madness and frenzy until the final line was spoken. Then as quickly as someone turning on the lights everyone's wits returned. "All I wanted was to win state in UIL and instead we found ourselves enthralled by Hastur and his terrible play. Where did Mr. Aza even find this play? " - Jenny Davis When we reached out to Mr. Aza for a comment he never returned our requests. We spoke with the principal of the high school and he informed us that Mr. Aza had never worked at the school.