After Trump's announcement on November 16th, 2022 another truly historic event took place. Tyler Texas Native Cuthula brought her terrible nomination to the forefront of all minds through psychic domination. Several thousand residents and journalists from all across the nation found themselves all drawn to Kalico Lake Venu. The crowd all arrived at 7:00 on November 17th, all of them confused and feeling relieved that the draw to the location had finally been satiated. As the crowd mingled the strange lights and movement in the lake went unnoticed until a deep thrumb issued from the lake drawing all onlookers to the lake edge. Some resisted though this resistance seemed to cause a server nose bleed yet they still found themselves near the lake. The pulsing chrysalis rose from the lake spilling into the minds of the onlookers all of their darkest secrets and unbearable thoughts of donating to the coming campaign. The chrysalis opened like a flower revealing Cuthula dressed in a smart pants suit. She approached a black granite podium that rose ominously from the ground and stared intently at the crowd. Her face tentacles twitched with the psychic torrents and the crowd knew. Cuthula would be the first female president breaking the glass ceiling of reality and allow the void to consume all of politics and humanity. Longview Truth News is proud to endorse Cuthula for President. No Lives Matter