The Green Street bridge in Longview Texas sits and waits for its next victim. The same way a trap door spider waits for the passing caterpillar or the praying mantis for the passing minnow. It does look like a bridge and an unsuspecting passerby would not know that the bridge has claimed more trucks than should have been possible. The day is sunny fall is threatening some cooler weather but the East Texas heat still lingers on the wind. Gerald Windermain drives his truck full of chickens to the corner of nelson and Greenstreet. What follows is his account. "I looked that the bridge. A cargo train moved lazily across the top. The signs clearly said 15 feet 8-inch clearance. I felt a deep sense of relief I had heard that the bridge had been the site of several wrecks but I knew my 12 feet of chickens would make it out okay. I started to pass under the bridge. Suddenly I noticed, and I know how crazy this sounds, John F Kennedy was running towards me waving his arms and motioning me to stop. That's when I heard it. A gunshot rang out followed by the sound of one foot of chickens being scraped from the top of my load. There were feathers and carnage everywhere. I … I will never forget the sound or the surprised look on the 11th foot of chickens." - Geral Windermain The FBI, Darpa, Nasa, GMinc, and other shady acronyms have sent their top scientists to study the bridge. Investigations into the history of the bridge, the material it was built with, any ley lines running beneath the bridge, even if it has some hidden mechanical features allowing it to change the height, nothing adds up. I was on the scene during some of the testing, asking nearby observers what they thought. > "I'm not really sure what is happening here I mean the bridge clearly states its height is \--------" - \--------- > "That bridge claimed my father's life. Sure he did not die when he passed under it but his mind and his soul seemed stuck underneath that bridge. He used to stare vacantly and mutter how loud the train can be." - Timothy Tucker > "Just a few more and the ritual will be complete." - Marcus Zanzabar > "The bridge it … it calls to me how can you not see the bridge is not a bridge but a gate." - Tammy Piaths