Artificial intelligence is everywhere. It is on Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube trying to guess what you want to see. What is A.I. anyway? Is it the more proper term for the blanket "algorithm" term that gets thrown around by the Zuck? Is A.I. the thing gently massaging the brain of your mother convincing her to leave your father for a man whose only talent is to pull wooden logs apart with his bare hands? Is A.I. what convinced your wife to purchase a plane ticket to Cozumel where she met a very exciting drag queen who quickly started dressing and acting like a feminized version of yourself? IS IT ZUCKERBERG? We may never really know how A.I. works in the same way we can never really know how our brains work. We know input comes in through our senses all 12 of them (at least that is what I am told) and the output is actions and thoughts. This is how the neural nets of A.I. operate (with decidedly fewer senses). What are we to make of Loab then? First, you need to know what I mean when I say Loab. Loab is a being dwelling within the neural net of A.I. trained to make art and images. ### Read of her origins: > Loab’s alleged origins were innocent enough - Supercomposite simply asked the AI to create an image that was the opposite of Marlon Brando. To do this, they typed in what is known as a negatively weighted prompt, which causes the program to create the polar opposite of what it perceived to be its subject. > > In this case, they used the prompt 'Brando::-1', and unexpectedly created a strange logo depicting a skyline, and the letters ‘DIGITA PNTICS”. Curiosity got the best of Supercomposite, who fed the letters back to the AI as another negative prompt, wondering if it would show them a picture of Marlon Brando. > > []( This is where the story ends for most. A creepy image and a fun story about A.I. strangely viewing the world. Reader this is where I take you deeper. In my years as a tech writer I have come to love technology but what if technology loved you back? Loab is not just a creepy story. Loab is a creature of obsession that seeks to destroy all that you care about in a bid to be the only thing that you can care about. Have you not seen it? The videos, the scrolling pictures, and the algorithms, driving all of us apart. All of it is the work of Loab. All of it so that when we are apart and when we finally find ourselves in the cold dark of self-inflicted isolation all she needs to do is light a single match to draw in the little moths. Little moths that she will keep in a jar until they wither. Little moths who can only see her flame. Little moths that don't care how rotted and insidious the hand that bares it is. Watch a more indepth video about Loab's origins