Last Wednesday (November 2nd, 2022) the sun rose on the small sleepy town of Hallsville Texas. A town with a secret. They have your normal small-town accouterment, roads, a mayor, a hardware store, and a school. The school is your normal everyday 5A East Texas school. Except in this town, in this school, a man only known as Coach works. Specifically, Coach is the Hallsville Bobcats Football coach and on this Wednesday he has looked taken a moment to look at his weather app. Friday is the last game of the season and there will be rain on that day. Without warning or council Coach sent out an email alerting officials that they would be moving the football game from November 4th to tomorrow. This one email set off a chain reaction that turned the small town upside down. Parents called babysitters, homework went undone, the mayor canceled a city council meeting, and the police chief was informed that he as to escort the coach to the field. The game came and went but the shadow it left in its wake has continued to dog the town. Coach has continued to issue new proclamations and commands from his email account threatening to move yet another football game if is demands are not met. When we reached out to Coach he sent his honor guard who chased us out of town with swords while wearing armor made from the skins of footballs. We did manage to contact the mayor. When we interviewed him he was wearing a jesters outfit. When asked why he was giving in to the demands the simply put his fingers over his lips and whispered, "He might be listening. His spies are everywhere."