DEAR THE POWERS THAT BE: I have been happily married for four years now. I am a helpless romantic and my husband played into that when we were dating. He was so romantic and sought my heart and eventually my hand in marriage. Now that he has me he barely makes an effort. I am not asking for much just that he makes a big deal of our anniversary. How can I help him see me and remember that spark that had me fall in love with him in the first place? DOE-EYED LOVER DEAR DOE EYED LOVER: When you want someone to remember a date or an important event for the rest of their natural life there are a few things that can make the day more memorable. Think of events or dates that you have trouble forgetting. For me things like the JFK assassination, 9-11, November 19, 2017, Then the pandemic, or the first time I saw misery. Do something to spice up the next one. Something that he might never forget even when he tries to.