Sasquatch, bigfoot, swamp ape, skunk ape, yeti, throughout history sasquatch has captured the minds and imaginations of those that think they have seen one and those that hoped to. We have been regaled with video games and movies that depict funny or terrifying manifestations of this creature. But what is a Sasquatch? ![](images/2016ShawneeBigfoot-1-771x1024.jpg) ## Legend Bigfoot legends predate the modern era by 1000 years. On the Tule River Indian Reservation in Central California, petroglyphs created by a tribe of Yokuts at a site called Painted Rock depict a group of bigfoot. This is one of the earliest representations of the creature and is to this day based on my research the most accurate. The running belief is that bigfoot or Sasquatch is a large almost giant creature covered in thick hair, with ape-like features. There have been many sightings but little evidence except a pervasive belief that they do indeed exist. ## Reality Bigfoot does exist. Though their features and explanation of the society and cultures greatly differ from the current folklore. The truth is far stranger. Take just their appearance the ape-like features the thick matted hair. Though bigfoot does indeed have big feet they are not covered in hair. At first glance, the Sasquatch might look to be growing yarn from its skin but this is not yarn or hair at all but a soft spine if you would. These spines lay thick on their body. They also account for the lack of sightings. The spines act as a type of active camouflage carrying the light from one side of the creature to the other. It has been demonstrated that Sasquatches can direct the flow of this light essentially bending it around themselves. This feature of their covering makes them all but invisible. I have never seen a Sasquatch's mouth but their eyes are unmistakable. Large black baseball size orbs are used for seeing in all levels of light. When you look at the face of a Sasquatch this is the only feature that is always visible. Their hands or paws resemble that of a sloth with long hooked claws. These are used for climbing and manipulating the weave ![](images/Painted_Rock_Tulare_County-1.jpg) ## The Weave and The Song There are many unexplained things about bigfoot. The chief among these is the nearly supernatural and spiritual practices of their society. I have tried my best to break these down into two areas of discussion though even in my expertise and experience it is hard to fully quantify them. ### The Song Sasquatch sing. At least that is what to our human ears it sounds like. However, is it singing if it is harmonizing vibrations with the quantum eddies in our minds? The song of a Sasquatch is as close to a universal language that exists on planet earth. Essentially the sasquatch vocalizes using what I can only imagine is a specialized organ. These vocalizations have been shown to interact on the quantum level with the minds of organic beings transmitting ideas. Though the ideas are often simple it has been shown that when two minds, say a dog and a human hear the same vocalization of a single or group of sasquatches the human's ability to predict the movements of the dog becomes nearly 100% as if the person knows what is going on in the mind of the dog because the same thoughts are occurring in their own. ### The Weave Sasquatch seems to have an enlivening effect on local plant and wildlife. I attribute this effect to their interaction with the weave. The weave is between all things. The sasquatches claws have tiny barbs on them each tipped with a fourth-dimensional tesseract. These microscopic fourth-dimensional objects allow the sasquatch to grip that which is between and manipulate it. The Sasquatch seems to use this to bring health to living things around them but one could assume that a sasquatch could damage a living being so completely that they never recover even though the wound might heal. This has never been observed. ### Sasquatch and East Texas East Texas seems to be a hub for sasquatch. There has been much speculation and research as to why this gives rise to two prevailing theories. The first centers around the possibility of a weave node or localization. The second portends a darker reason. Sasquatch are thought to have a natural enemy that their gentle nature makes them the prey of. Though through their weave manipulation one can speculate at the fantastic damage a sasquatch could do to a living creature, never the less East Texas seems to have become a stronghold for them. Whatever is at the gates the sasquatch make a stand here if that is the case. ![](images/SasquatchRoom.jpg) There is a sasquatch in this picture. ## Know your Local Sasquatch The truth is that in almost every setting humans find themselves in, there is most likely a sasquatch nearby. Their active camouflage renders them nearly invisible often only appearing is two baseball-sized black orbs that quickly blink out of view. This being the case should you worry? No, you should not. Bigfoot have a complex relationship with nature, society, and the spiritual weave that penetrates and is in between all things. Your local sasquatch is tending this constantly. They do more for you than you understand or notice. In fact, during our studies and survey, we discovered there were several residences in Longview that had sasquatch either living in their yards or even in their houses. We even tracked one down living in a one-bedroom apartment with a newly graduated bachelor. Have you ever seen some movement out of the corner of your eye? Have you ever noticed a flower bed that suddenly sprang to life? Have you ever seen your cat begging to be let out only for it to suddenly be outside and very happy? Well, you might be the happy host of a sasquatch.