It has been an open secret on the streets of Longview that the restaurant cartels are in a constant battle to win over the appetites of Longview Texas. Mayor Andy Mack is no newcomer to this war of calories. You may look around Longview and notice a strange happening in our restaurants. Every restaurant is either a hamburger joint, a Mexican food restaurant or has one of these two offerings on the menu. The stranglehold on Longview's restaurant scene by Big Taco and Big Hamburger is palpable. When Andy Mack entered the mayorship he vowed to loosen that grip on November 2nd, 2022 he made a bold first step. With the closing of Five Guys and the new Chuy's poised to open the balance of power soon to tip in the clandestine November meeting, Andy proposed a solution to avoid all-out war. Each Mexican food restaurant will offer a hamburger on the menu. Sources near the Taco cartel leader Nacho Grande said that after much deliberation and a desire for their investment in Chuy's to not go to waste in the upcoming turf war the deal was accepted.