Starting a news organization and putting the word truth in its name is a pretty bold move. At least that is what my buddy said over a few pints of the hot stuff. He wasn't wrong. East Texas, Texas, and eventually the known universe need a news outlet that will without shame tell the truth even if it hurts. Today's media mainstream has made it a habit of unverified sources, recursive referencing, and opaque motives. This is not the kind of news organization this team is building. You want to know what goes bump in the night. You want to know what infernal powers burn behind the eyes of those that represent you. You want to hear about life in the area where you live. We are committed to bringing you news, prophecy, omens, and telepathic pulses that not only disturb your sleep and force your mind to wander planes of existence that no mortal was ever meant to tread, but also help us unify and heal as East Texas, Texas, and the United States. I welcome you to join us in the endeavor. Without the windows to your soul firmly pointed towards our content the ritual can not be completed. Vosk, The Herniation of Relltellalcpetch ~ Publisher of The Longview Truth News