I have seen many complex issues solved via simplicity. Let's say you are distributing widgets, and you need to build them. A simple way of doing this is to simply hire someone to build them. Though even this statement hides something rather complex beneath it. What is a widget? How complex is the widget itself? Things like the assembly line helped address this problem. The single worker could focus on one simple part of a complex machine, making training and skill needed greatly reduced. Yet complexity still exists even here. Someone had to design the assembly line and the process. Someone created the widget in the first place. Simplicity can bring about an opportunity for everyone who can grasp the simple, but for the simple to expand and become available to all, someone has to delve into the complex. This relationship, this tension between the complex and the simple, is not only found in the industry but also in the interpersonal. A husband and wife of many years make the relationship look very simple and easy to those on the outside. We all see the refined dance they put on, and we all long for it. However, what you don't see is the complex underpinnings of time, fights, struggles, and victories won. This relationship between the complex and the simple is something to draw a lesson from, but in today's world of distraction and convenience, the meditation would not be undertaken. Don't be that person.