Do you know how many different kinds of alien sightings there are? There are cigars, triangles, crosses, tic-tacs, balls of light, abductions, visitations, teardrops, cylinders, diamonds, discs, ovals, dumbbells, and many others. According to someone who is either blowing a whistle or currently waving their arms about screaming "look over here," visitors from another planet are indeed here, and we don't know what they want. What a surprise. I have been asked what it means for my faith if aliens were to suddenly land. "Wouldn't it invalidate everything you believe?" they ask with wild eyes and saliva running down their chin. I always answer calmly, "no," for two reasons. The first is that it actually does not invalidate anything I believe and, if anything, opens pathways to further understanding of the God I worship. The second reason is that I just love the disappointed looks on their faces. I think first we have to briefly discuss what the possibilities are for life outside or even inside our solar system. It could be actual intelligent life, like an alien civilization with advanced technology and everything. It could be coming from our own planet. The majority of our planet is not explored. The depths of Earth's oceans are unmapped and cover the majority of the surface. There is every possibility that whatever we see in the sky found its origin below the surface. The other possibility, and one I really like, is that what we see in the sky is animal life. It could be some form of space whale (for lack of a better term) that comes to our planet to get a breath of fresh air and then makes its way back out to the vacuum of space. Of these possibilities, the only thing that could even come close to calling into question the existence of God or that His son Jesus Christ is the one and only path to the Father is the possibility of intelligence being involved in this form of life. Intelligence and consciousness mark humans as different from animals. It is the spirit of humanity and the seeming connection to unseen forces that we all feel that gives us our particular flavor. Our need for purpose and our sense of right and wrong are fundamental to humanity. Your dog does not wonder at its purpose. If you take purpose away from a human, they become something less than human and immediately start to try and fill the gap in their spirits that purpose left. I would have to assume that intelligent aliens, in whatever form they take, would have a similar problem. If they have consciousness, they will have to have a similar sense of right and wrong and a need for purpose. Otherwise, why would they have developed technology in the first place? Also, and this is my main reason for not worrying, if they exist, then they are not only maintained in existence by God, but God created them. If God created them, then at the very least, I plan to share Jesus with them. Who knows, maybe God intends to save them from sin as well. [Creature Tech by Doug Tennaple]( [The Space Trilogy by CS Lewis](