I have made art and dabbled for a long time. Never really tried to be famous or anything along that line but more or less sought to have some fun and explore ideas. I am also a Christian and this drop of truth that forms the kernel of my being, influencing and altering everything I do. I often wonder about the work that I like to make and if it is truly God-glorifying. I suppose I should start with the ideas that most inspire me and get my hands and mind moving. It is not generally your typical Christian imagery or themes. You will probably not find too many if any crucifixes in my work. You probably not find any real religious imagery unless there is some strange twist on it. This is because I love and bask in the surreal and strange. Though I have never done psychedelics I really don't feel like I need to. My spiritual experience with my savior is surreal and wonderful all by itself. [![](images/photo_2022-10-18_22-42-29-1024x408.jpg)](https://www.aaronblakeley.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/10/photo_2022-10-18_22-42-29.jpg) Started a cult at work. Take the coffee cult I started at work CAFAA. The Bean provides! Some might say that this is not really a Christen thing to do and in fact borders on the irreverent. It is a bit irreverent and if I thought for a minute that the people participating in the ruse actually thought this was a real thing then I would probably put a stop to it. However, it is a bit of fun and for me an act of worship. How is this an act of worship you ask? Well, I do many things but the best things I do, I do them unto the Lord (Colossians 3:23). When I think about my enjoyment of coffee and that first sip in the morning I am often overcome with how good it is. Good in a way that reminds me that God is the source of everything good. _Side note Hell is the absence of God and everything that is God and that means everything good._ That coffee though. Decafe, caffeinated, hot, or cold it just is good and it always causes me to think about the goodness of God. When I am making art or playing the absurd I am often looking at it from the perspective of God not being involved. Thusly the CAFAA takes on the form of a cult celebrating the goodness of coffee and because of that spiritual connection with goodness, the group has forged its deities. The Great Bean and Nicolas Cage is his messenger. THE BEAN PROVIDES! What does the bean provide? It provides a strange door that if you walk through it with me you find that kernel I said was at the center of my being. A kernel white hot with the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ. Things are going to get stranger. I have not leaned into this tendency ever. I have only skirted around the strangeness that I really want to dive into. I want Lovecraftian strangeness to bring others to the understanding and awe of the one true God. By his goodwill, I might accomplish it.