I settled in pressing my tired body against the cool leather padded with the shapes of loved ones. The chair accepted and bestowed its gift of rest. It had been a rough day full of shining examples of human frailty and finitude. I had been asked about time frames. What does anyone expect from a question about time frames? "How long will it take?" Person A asks. Person B thinks for a moment, about what? Who knows? They, presumably are thinking about what the future might look like and the steps they will need to accomplish this task or goal. They sit there and predict the future that is before them. They rub the crystal ball of experience. A number becomes clearer in the orb of thought. They format it into a date. The deliver the date. A satisfaction flows over Person A. Person B universe 6542 steps out of the meeting, goes to their car, and on the way home is in a car wreck with Charles a trucker with little to anything to live for. Person B universe 6797 leaves the meeting and months later has discovered a problem in his estimates and because of the struggle at home is too depressed to realize that he needs to communicate the difficulty. Perhaps he is aware but just is a little broken. Person B universe 345581A had planned his estimates based on using outsourced help from Ukraine but now there is a war in the country. Person B universe 957845 realized at the time he was asked about time frames and communicated that they do not commit to time frames because of the deep potentials of life and that they would strive for a particular date but was doubtful they would be able to hit it.