The more code you write, the more buildings you build, the more children you raise, the more decisions you make, the more responsibility you are given, and the more exposure to things going terribly wrong you have. This is undeniable. Sometimes you do a good job for years and something you either missed or neglected for any number of human reasons goes boom. What is it that we should do about the other boot when your skies are blotted out with them simply hovering there threatening to drop? I don't know. As I write this I feel this in my bones. Years of work just out there with my name all over it. Most of it is done while learning how to do the work. Most of it is done as an improvisational problem-solving practice. All of it I am proud of. None of it truly portrays the sleepless nights, struggling reasoning sessions, torn-up notes, mistakes, bugs, and literal fever dreams that went into each one. Yet they all hover there in the air threatening to drop. It all sounds bleak, doesn't it? I imagine many of you feel the same way or at least do now that you have thought about it. Sorry about that. What do we do about hovering boots though? Well, this is one of those that I am unsure about. I would love to give some kind of advice or axiom that makes it all, okay but that is not what this is. All you can do is let them hover. Let them float there threatening to drop and realize that just as sure as the sunrise there are boots. All those sleepless nights were just that. In the end, you have to simply live with a purpose. Mine is to glorify God and enjoy him forever. I guess that means that if or when the boots drop I already know my objective.