What is the difference between knowing and might? Isn't knowing a previously trodded path? Isn't might a path you have only just found? Regret sneaks up on a man in the tall grass. He walks the path of might and finds his legs covered in ticks. They are not fatal but no one really wants to have to deal with them. I love sweets but in recent times I have found myself less and less receptive to them. I am overweight and have been for some time. I work out regularly and strive to get enough sleep. I aspire to a better eating habit but having trod the well-worn paths of flavor and decadence I find myself drawn into the habits of an overweight person more often than not. This is the struggle of knowing, might, and regret. I know that if I eat that cookie I will regret it as soon as the cookie is in my stomach. I also know that the act of eating that cookie is one that I will enjoy in the moment. I know that being on a diet is harder than I care for it to be. However, I might lose weight and I might not. I have never trod this path successfully before. Then there is regret that lurks in the tall grass. I know that if I eat the cookie then I will regret eating the cookie. However, even though I might lose weight when dieting I will not regret dieting in the long run. This I know. So what is the struggle then? The struggle is the subtlety of regret. One must keep the resistance to it in the forefront of one's mind for it to be a motivator. However, I think I have found a better motivator one that I feel is more powerful than any other. When I seek the kingdom of God in all my actions I need no longer dwell on regret.