How strange it is to find this one sticky coin left where I was sitting on the couch. I was there watching the 1984 dune (The best Dune) and thought to myself “You know what would be just perfect here? Salsa! Some spice with my spice!” I got up obtained the salsa and chips and when I came back there it was the this coin. It sat there on my couch covered in a clear slime. Slime is really the only way to describe it. I was afraid to touch it. I was concerend that it was even there. How had it gotten there? This coin with its rough carving of what looked like a dogs head. It looked really old, hand made almost, and lacked the uniform roundness that modern coins. It seemed to capture my thoughts just there resting on my. …. CRAP I spilt my salsa. I rushed to the laundry room and grabbed a couple of used towels to clean up the bulk of the mess. I ran back ( I don’t know why I was running I mean the salsa was not going anywhere). I bent down and began scooping up the salsa in the towel. It was everywhere. I was running through my head the steps I would need to take to resolve this salsa mess when I head it. It was a small crystalline clicking. The sound of metal as it is headed. The coin was making the sound. I was once again lost in thought about this sticky coin. I reached up for it. Then like someone had cut a scene out of the movie of my life the coin was gone, my chips and salsa were gone. All that was left was the moist slime where the coin had been. I grabbed one of my towels, wiped it up and went back to watching Dune. from [Enigmatic Texture](