Sometimes you just got to write. Just pound on that keyboard until the words flow out easily and the ends of your fingers hurt. Sure what you are writing might not be anything anyone would ever read or relate to but at least you wrote it. At least the potential for someone to read and enjoy it exists. At least the words are out there. Sure they may not be the best words or perfectly crafted but they are ones that when finally written. are indeed written. I have often wondered if writing like this online is wreckless. I think there is a resounding yes. However, the risk is only there if you are not willing to on occasion admit your wrongness as a human. ## The Deep Dig or The Difficulty of The Easy Release. There is tension between the wanting to write and the difficulty in getting started. I feel this tension every single time I sit down to write. The thought that something that I should know I do not so I need to go look it up. Was that my phone ringing? Did I just receive an email? Am I thirsty? Then I just start typing and suddenly the words flow. The keys go tap and then my mind is a little freer.