Every single person you encounter, all of them, your checkout person, your friend on Facebook, that guy walking down the road, the police officer that just pulled you over, etc. All of them worship something. All of them have a guiding principle and a world view but usually nestled away as the pit of these things is the thing that person worships. Now worship is not what Hollywood has made it. Sure it can involve singing, hand raising, and prayer, but what worship really looks like is deep underlying devotion. A sense that everything you do has an objective. These things shift to sometimes hour to hour. With these gods fighting for our devotion. A husband goes to a job he does not like. A mother sits in a park while she would rather be working. An employee works on the weekend. A politician compromises his principles. All this has motivations, and some form of reasoning tied to it[1](#fn1). The real interesting question is what is the center, the sun of that galaxy of a person. * * * 1. Though it is often clear that the reason is not logical.[↩](#fnref1)