I have drawn, painted, and wrote in some form or fashion since I could hold a pencil or other marking implement. If you have read more than three posts on this site then you probably already know that my interests are scattered to the point that it makes it hard to be good at anything. I like my creativity like I like my beer. Never the same thing twice. Two themes have stuck with me through the many years of scratching marks on paper or arranging pixels in human consumable ways. The first is that I love a good story. I love it when a picture leaves more questions than answers it is wonderful. Even better you read a single poem and go out researching it only to find that there is a much deeper story and something more is going on. The second is hopefully obvious to anyone that spends any amount of time with me. God is real. Jesus Christ is my savior. Everything in this universe vibrates with the voice that holds it all together. Our lives are far more transcendent than some tacit comment on culture or simple entertainment. I want everything I do to point to that reality. I want people to know that their lives have purpose. I want people to know God. ## Confess I have struggled as an artist with the idea of having God be my focus artistically. We 21st century Christians have not done a God-honoring job in creating art that is consumable and enjoyable by all. A lot of the art, movies, music, and stories we create are barely passable as art just for us. We need, I need to do work that captures what is important and lovely about life. Art that all can enjoy. ![20191230_084045-l](images/20191230_084045-l-769x1024.jpg)