I have been caught up just like a lot of people in the swirling miasma[1](#fn:1) of blatnant, nuanced yet undefined corruption that is the world at large. It is like humidity that sticks to the skin. You can not see it but you can feel it and you can not get away from it. The wicked prosper and their most profitable venture is tearing each other apart. This leaves me not knowing who to root for, let alone where to stand, politically, socially, sometimes even with my christian brothers and sisters. An author Hank Hannahgraph[2](#fn:2) has said many times "In the essentials unity, in the nonessentials liberty and in all things charity[3](#fn:3)."[4](#fn:4) I think we would all have a terrible time discussing what the essentials are. We definatly have a hard time letting people be liberal in nonessintials. Especially with us practicing 1984esc crowd sourced thoughtcrime[5](#fn:5) enforcement. What is missing, and what needs to be restored into the fabric of culture, **is charity**. ## In The Mirror You may see injustice and villains everywhere. However, when every single one of us looks into the mirror in the morning, we know, just as the sun dawns on the earth, there are things that we have all done that we are ashamed of. Yes, there are degrees in mistakes and evil[6](#fn:6) but of all of the creatures on this planet that perpetrate evil, there is only us. We are alone in this we are unique.[7](#fn:7) Truly in every man and woman, there is a bent that allows us to do some pretty terrible things. We start when we are young and continue until we are old, with only the most salient amongst us becoming self-aware enough to call ourselves out on our failings, shortcomings, and tendencies towards darkness.[8](#fn:8) ## Lenient Judgement of Others Some people do not practic goodwill. This is true and it is more blatant nowadays than ever. Unrest, anger, rage and a general sense of conflict permeates the online space spilling out into the lives and streets of our world. The other person is always wrong and always without humanity. Except that is not true. Even Hitler had a mother and was a child. This is a common thread. In this, there is more in common with us and every other person on the planet than not. We are each other. We are uniquely common. Everyone is an individual and we share that common chord. It is the rare breed amongst us that is truly evil and depraved[9](#fn:9). Most have simply, slowly, strayed from the beaten path of decency, morality and truth. ## How To Be Charitable How does one judge other leniently? The easiest way is to give each other the benefit of a doubt and to enter every single interaction with a few things in mind. 1. The person you are dealing with statistically has little to no ill will towards you. Infact most people are intested in kindness. 2. Most people operate in their self-interest more than a vast network of conspiracy. The idea of what is good for me and mine can be corrupted but this motivation prevails.[10](#fn:10) 3. Most people are decent people, with others that they love and want the best for. 4. Most people given the opportunity, politics and every other factor aside, would probably help you in some way. 5. Forgiveness is divine. If you can in all things deal with each other in charity. You will go a long way toward healing every community in the world. ## One Caveat All of this does not mean that real evil and corruption does not exist. This does not mean that justice need not be served or sought. In fact, if you don't seek justice you probably don't know peace. But even when we are faced with fellow men and women who have scoffed at decency, morality and truth for power or pleasure, if we forgive we find that the person who benefits most from that forgiveness, is us. * * * 1. [Miasma Theroy](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Miasma_theory) I was going to write something here but I forgot.[↩](#fnref:1) 2. [Hendrik "Hank" Hanegraaff](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hank_Hanegraaff) (born 1950), also known as the "Bible Answer Man", is an American Christian author and radio talk-show host.[↩](#fnref:2) 3. By [charity](https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/charity) we mean the fourth definition, "The lenient judgment of others."[↩](#fnref:3) 4. Actual quote come from [Rupertus Meldenius](https://pietist.blogspot.com/2009/10/who-said-essentials-unity-in-non.html)[↩](#fnref:4) 5. [Don't get vaporized](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thoughtcrime)[↩](#fnref:5) 6. At least in the eyes of humans.[↩](#fnref:6) 7. Seriously have you ever asked yourself if your cat can commit a crime? Can your cat be evil? Can your cat sin? Is your cat able to be racist, bigoted, or any number of examples of purr evil.[↩](#fnref:7) 8. There is something in [us](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Original_sin).[↩](#fnref:8) 9. By truly evil I mean when an individual takes the mental leep and abandon's all pretense of charity, goodness, and morality. This can manifest in the narcasist, the serial killer, the politician and many other blantant and innocuous forms. But much in the same way all tigers are cats but not all cats are tigers. All those that abandon the light are humans.[↩](#fnref:9) 10. A mother who drowns her kids may truly feel love for them but when this is twisted love is only in the feeling and can be described as a delusion. Much in the same way you feel like you can fly but then throw yourself off a cliff.[↩](#fnref:10)