Rooms always boxed in Placed strategically in location Reliably there always expected Without question even I know What I will do Adventure used to creep in My bones would resonate with adventure My muscles mimic the waves Of distant shores I wanted to see I did what was required I met makers with honors I married, had kids found treasure But never moved till even today All I tune with anticipation I desire to delve into mystery To approach danger and hug it The wanderer is trapped Even though the man is satisfied What a sorry state I am mixed like this There is a hidden king He the precious guide, who Fortifies men’s souls. I met him Long ago. Young me, marked By him. His call has ………………. Now in this age of rage, I see it How his hand has changed me The human base tendencies rage Rage against the dying of the light My king has brought me to ruin In the quite of rooms trapped Wanderlust redirected I wander in him, I explore the In-material and I am ruined A sweet madness takes me Delight is on my lips, like the Material rooms, my senses They are undone, my delight is in You oh sovereign of Kings Jesus is your son, and he is my treasure I am undone. Trapped, yes, in rooms The Holy Spirit is a gardener I am ruined, No! Poured, a spring Life as water. The walls fall away I fall away. I lay on this soft earth. In the outside if of me grows The deep wood. Adventure, Mystery in every inch of air and Wood. Above me the sky and its stars They sing as I do of your glory I am trapped yes, not by this room I am captive to a king and he In his love has cast me into himself An inexhaustible space of mystery adventure And treasure