Schrodinger's spiritual mind both alive and dead. A swelling desire to dwell on the eternal. The carnal inspiration of the darker thoughts. loneliness and anger war against the lovely and pure. Staring into a sunrise over mountains while counting my sins and offenses. A swelling din of joy growing at the sight, the sound of the beloved. Into the fog of melancholy nihilism, fatalistic grind, the rut. Rise above I tell myself, breath in the fog its good for the lungs. See the light it casts soft shadows that sharpen as you draw closer. It sharpens the shadows in me. I draw even closer still the shadows in me condense grow sharp. They are small but deep as the cave where no light reaches. They are tempting to hide in like riding in a cage, towards the king. I do hide but I also stand in the sun, bathe in it let it prickle my skin. Filling me up, my eyes are clear conduits funneling the light down deep. What is this that I do? Approaching glory? Extended hands and mind to grasp an impossible mystery. Love so profound science can only get close to explaining it by quantum entangled lovers both close and far. One both evil and good. Schrodinger's spiritual mind both alive and dead.