A toddler's demanding cry. A teen's frustrating whine. A child's roll of the eye. A coworker's biting reply. A spouse's sharp decry. My heart is hard. My eyes are blind. Under all human action, A desperate link. Be it hurt, truth, madness or sin, True evil, virtue or a deafening inner din The man with empathy, wisdom and love combined, There in his heart grows the peacemaker's vine A toddler's demanding cry. The confusion of youth and dependence imbibe. A teen's frustrating whine. The scaffolding is set build now character divine. A child's roll of the eye. The need for strong nurture in heavy supply. A coworker's sharp reply. The unseen life eased by a mirror, kind. A spouce's sharp decry. The underlying tone, perspective from on high. Crush the fruit, The Peacemaker's wine.