Avenattie was a hottie Who sold women's words to CNN In hopes that his virtue signaling would lead to his pockets and gold within. Avenattie was a hottie Who spat fire and truth to power And thought that the presidential seat was just beyond the golden shower. Avenattie was a hottie Who upheld women's rights Till he was accused by them of striking out of spite. Avenattie was a hottie A lawyer, yet due process he need not try The beast he helped create looks upon him with its evil eye. Avenattie was a hottie Who's word has now run cold But the show has just begun my boys because foolishness never grows old. _**Note**_: Avenattie is a truly terrible person but even though he has spent so much time tearing down due process, even he is innocent till proven guilty. Lets all rise to the best of our character.