I saw that there is a microwave that connects to Alexa. It is as if none of us have read the novel 1984. I can't really tell people to not put wiretaps with ladies names in their homes but we can go through some thought processes.  One of the things that we can say is certain is that the web in general and on whole is not secure. We make every effort for it to be secure but "life finds a way." So if we know that the web is indeed in a state of insecurity or has the potential at any moment to become insecure, then you must assume that whatever it is that you put out there it is possible that someone that you do not want to see, hear, learn about you could be seen heard or learned about you by someone with any number of intentions or motives.  Now if that is the case, ask yourself; what happens in your home that is private? Do you ever partake in marijuana in a state that it remains illegal in? Have you ever expressed your desire for a president to be murdered or killed? Have you ever had sex in your living room in full view of your Xbox one Kinect?  Maybe you have nothing to hide? Lots of people feel this way. Well if that is the case, what if it becomes illegal for you to have free speech? Does that extend into the privacy of your own home? You might chock all this up to consipricy theroy and I will admit that I am indulging a little or a lot. I am not suggesting it will happen but when we consider the possibilities it certainly seems possible. Have fun sleeping tonight.