I have considered this thing called worship. What is it that we humans are so inclined to it? We sing our favorite songs as if they are us. We cry when a celebrity whom we never knew dies. We tear up at the sight of a sunrise. We devote hours and hours of effort to sports, video games, and our careers. So if we are in this; devoting thought, time and passions to all manner of things it begs the question, what is the truest, highest object (either material or immaterial) that we could devote our thoughts, time and passions to? So what are we mechanically? When I a simple man consider what seems to be plain to me I see humans, people as a intertwining of the seen and the unseen. We devote our lives to things that are both objectively valuable and worthless with the same passions of the greatest of zealots. The universe sings in its cosmic vibrations of a source. Even if you are a devote of something like the multiverse theory even this yells that there must be a source. Explosions within explosions swerling and expanding unto their own heat deaths can not be sustained without there being some source of everlasting - everlasting. This source must be what humankind was meant to worship. It must be the highest, it must be the truest. Then if we observe is in the same way the amoeba observes the person at the other end of the microscope, then what is it that we can do? Are we hopeless in the face of such awesome, all encompassing significance that it drives us to nihilism so that we can at least get a decent nights sleep? We have an advantage of the amoeba. Our observer is not simply an observer of it, God, as one might refer to it, is the very substence of reality. Not in the way a brick is the substance of a home. No, it would be as if the sculptor was intertwined holding the very sculpture in place forever by his own will. It would be as if the observer of the amoeba wherein and of themselves responsible for the amoeba's very existence.  Praise the Uncaused First Cause