#### and Then Loving Writing Things That Are Shorter I wrote a book last year. A whole book full of world building, characters and a story arch that I am proud of. I don't know if I will ever publish it. I question my stamina or the mental fortitude it might take me to plow through the editing process of something that will grow to 60K - 70K words. Right after I finished the first draft I went through the process of reading what I had written as well as putting it in the hands of my wife an avid reader. It was satisfying but it also showed just how unformed this lump of story clay was. Sure the the scaffolding and general form was there but the structure could not stand on its own.  This process has not been disappointing at all but it revealed in me something that I had never really been able to define. 1) I struggle to complete things. Not that I don't get things done. Oh, I get them done. If I was a caterpillar, I would be fine getting in the cocoon and even getting out. I could even flit around, but getting to the dirty work of figuring out how to use my brand new proboscis in place of what used to be a tiny wood chipper, would leave me probably starving. 2) The cure for this and the thing that keeps me super interested in continuing to write is to have more than one project. The ideal project for me to couple with something of length is something with a little less length and a little more condensed storytelling and brevity. So that is what I am doing. Restarting the idea of writing on the blog every day but more than that, telling a story in a new way, with a very different form.  ## The Book I am thankful today that I am not a famous author, with fans foaming at the mouth to read whatever I happen to scribe. Perhaps I will never be one of these majestic beasts. What I am though, is someone in love with the idea that a story that I craft could colonize someone's mind with new fertile thoughts. Ones that they might cherish, others that they might despise, all with a little touch of my own.