#### Or how I stopped worrying and world built? world building? Made a world? I love God, like seriously love him. Just to get it out of the way I am a Christian. ... Have you met my Lord and Savior? <thumbs bible> ... Snirk; Without going too deep into it if you were to ask me what the purpose of life, of man was. I would tell it is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.  I also really like dark fiction. Think H.P. Lovecraft, Xenomorphs, and anything that manages to have a monster, and be cerebral; asking and stating deep things. As you can imagine this tends to clash pretty drastically with my view of reality.  I have been tossing around an idea for some time and finally realized that if I am going to glorify God and tell of Jesus, but also utilize the gifts that I have been given I would need to find some way to tell stories that moved me but also were acts of worship. I did not want to pull a _Piercing the Darkness_ move, where I just wrote fiction about angles. No, I wanted to acknowledge monsters, ghosts, folklore, science, physics, and God all in the same arch of story. So I am doing that, and it is so liberating. I have even eschewed the standard novel approach. I am completely unsure if any of this will workout. No matter though, because I am worshiping and having fun doing it.