"What is a Burpee" Quentin asked?  Quentin's Unrequited Angst responded, "Terrible but necessary. Oh, your suffering will be delicious and worth it!" Quentin wiped the accumulating sweat from his brow and took a deep breath. The failer was not spectacular. In fact, no would even know it had happened.  Yet the push off the ground and the climbing back up to his proverbial feet was painful. **Then came the next failure.** What is a man to do when his life is getting good at failing over and over again? Is there a success in simple discipline? Quentin did not know for sure but the failure after failure began to produce an explosive upward jump recovering faster and faster.  **Then came the next failure.** Turns out you can only recover so many times before you have to stay down. Up and down, and down. Blood turns to acid the air turns to alkaline ash. Your heart beats hard enough for you to feel it in your teeth. You see your spirit guide and he worried about you. Then you go down you fail and you don't get up. Well, at least Quentin didn't.  **This is THE failure** People were hurt when Quentin failed but they were failing too. Alongside them, they failed yet no one really knew that each one was failing. Each one over and over again. Quentin was hurt by them as they failed and got back up and then failed again. Tears and sweat mingled, body odor mingled with heavy breathing and sobs.  **This is THE Success** Eventually, all of humanity had failed so much that like Quentin when failure came a knocking they just stayed down. Some even wallowed in the filth of the floor and became excellent failures. Some even found a measure of success in the failure. It was discovered that if you piled other below you then you at least are more successful than those that you are propped up on.  Then Quentin did something that he had not considered before. From his position on the floor he helped the person next to him up. Sure Terrance had stepped on Quentin's fingers a few times but he ... forgave him? Then Terrance helped Quentin up and they both started to fail and get back up but this time the failures were covered by forgiveness. Terrance and Quentin were never as high as those that had piled up so many bellow them but even they found that the forgiveness of those bellow them made it possible for everyone to stand up straight.  ![http://gabycantdraw.tumblr.com/tagged/illustration](images/6336519698_92e4e58d28_b.jpg) [http://gabycantdraw.tumblr.com/tagged/illustration](http://gabycantdraw.tumblr.com/tagged/illustration)