Inwardly humans all have a very similar structure. We see this not in assumptions but in patterns. When one person is depressed there are categorized reasons for this state and related treatments. Another way to say this is that humans have a baseline and from there we deviate into unique personalities and viewpoints. I am a plain man so this is based mostly on observation and experience. I have have seen more signs of mental breakdowns while working retail and in the graphic design department at a local newspaper. People who would have been considered to have it altogether lose their minds and blow up, cry, breakdown or generally abdicate all control. I have been there, stress does this to all humans. Then there are these other people who seem like no matter what the grind throws at them they always seem to rise above. So what is the difference? Probably not much sure all humans are unique but we are still all humans acting in very similar ways just with vastly different outcomes. This is where the spiritual comes into play. The baseline invisible thread that runs through the core of all humanity is that we are more than you can see or discover through studying the matter that makes up our bodies. Invisible thoughts and unknowable inner wanderings produce such wondrous differences. The spiritual is intermingled with the physical like coffee and cream. You could never separate the two except by a centrifuge. Unfortunately, the only centrifuge powerful enough to do this is death. Death the most final of the intangible. Prayer for me has been this living intangible touching point for all of life. It is as simple as thinking a thought and as complex as learning. What happens in prayer is beyond man’s comprehension except that we know it is speaking to God. We know that prayer releases from in us thoughts and realities that would have other wise stayed hidden and festered. We know that prayer deepens our relationship and somehow, some way participates in the movements and will of God. We know that prayer changes us in the unseen which inevitably bubbles to the surface. To give a specific instance when prayer has changed my life would be possible but it misses the true and ultimate power of true intimacy with God except that we are made more like how we ought to be and that is a rich and welcome change indeed. [Originally Published To Faith Hacking](