The earth is pretty great. It has all of this ideal space for the human experience. We can easily gestate our children to the point of adulthood and for the most part, the earth climate is very gentle too us. Sometimes the Earth is angry and throws the upper, and lower crusts into terrible turmoil but for the most part, we thrive. Don't get me started on our location in the Milky Way Galaxy. We can see so much from here and our solar system is choice in both star size and available planets. I mean as far as locations in the Milky Way it seems we are doing pretty good. It would seem that things were designed for our benefit. Though some scientist would disagree. See you can't trap a designer in a test tube or write a mathematical equation to explain him. It is the same reason there are texts who have anonymous writers. You can't get the exact identity of the writer from his work unless he reveals his name. Now you can learn a lot about someone through their writing and work but very little about their exact identity. Scientists and atheists alike would argue that this earth was not designed or created but rather happened by chance thanks to the multiverse. In the multiverse, every single possibility is happening at the same time in universes that can not contact each other or interact at all. Some are very cold and not life could ever exist. Some are too hot and are in a constant state of nuclear reaction. Some have people that poop from their mouths and you married that girl you always wish you could have spoken too but didn't. COWERD! Now, this where the real hilarity starts. See if all possibilities are happening in the multiverse then it is true to say that God does exist somewhere in the multiverse. You could even postulate that many Gods exist or existed. See in this multiverse setting one universe might have ... well, all possibilities are happening right so a single God did have the power to transcend the multiverse wipe out all the other universes and gods, then while he hovered over the void he designed his own world. Which brings me to my point. You can believe what you will but so many beliefs and their permutations that try to disprove the existence of a creator end in absurdity or tyranny. It is almost as if we are punished for rejecting what seems so plain too so many. Photo by [Sime Basioli]( on [Unsplash](