The Pathfinder resembles a mace and is the main tool of the Lucerna. The Pathfinder reacts with the Lucerna's belief in Herre empowering the Lucerna with speed, strength, endurance and the ability to ignore wounds. The Pathfinder itself glows and is often used as a light source. The Lucerna rarely light their Pathfinders fully. During battle, the Lucerna has been described as operating as a lightning bolt from the hand of Herre Himself. Though the Pathfinder gives them great battle prowess it is not considered to be a weapon by the Lucerna. The Pathfinder is a tool the light that flows from a fully lit pathfinder not only illuminates the area but flows along the ground like water giving and can impart courage to allies. While lit the Pathfinder is hot to the touch. The Pathfinder is used more for empowering Lucerna for tasks that might need superhuman endurance to accomplish. Making them able to help the needy more effectively. There have been reports of Lucerna plowing entire fields by themselves with no help from beasts of burden. Moving large carts full of supplies and medicine from one village to another at a running pace. Rescuing children from a burning building, the Lucerna later succumbed to her burns. The forging of a Pathfinder is a guarded secrete. The forge itself lies high in the great ridge. The ceremony surrounding the forging includes the Lucerna that is to receive the Pathfinder being present during the forging. It is said that the power the Pathfinder offers is not from the Pathfinder itself but through the ceremony, the Pathfinder is tuned to the Lucerna and the two natures everyone carries with them. This means that the only person that can light a Pathfinder is the one who forged it and the one whom it was made for. There has been some debate and prevailing belief that the Pathfinders have power because of the Bonfire but ancient texts show that the Pathfinders predate the Bonfire. \[contact-form-7 id="3294" title="Pathfinder Updates"\]