Dear Reader You are very welcome here. Come sit down at this warm hearth of words woven into story and reason a bit with me. Often it is said of us that there is something so very wrong with us. This is not untrue. Sin and immorality seem to rain supreme and the governments of men are wielded like terrible weapons of oppression, oppressing even those that would be king. I think what should also be said is that there is something very right about us. Think about how we eventually recognize our own evil. Sure often we recognize too late but we still see it. The image of God in us is strong and unavoidable though we do seek to deny it often. Man does have evil tendencies but we also have very good ones. I am sure it is not enough to save us from death and consequences after. It seems to me that there is a steep price to be paid given that perfection is something we can perceive but never obtain. What I do know is that we can weave an intricate tapestry of light just as adeptly as we weave webs of deceit and shadow. It takes more effort and it can have its setbacks but is it not worth the effort?