It had opened up wide and deep and hungry. Scientists struggled to understand, the lost religious declared their prophecies about the end. The political ranted on their various platforms about terrorism and other world powers. The educated stroked their own egos while looking down on the flyover country. Those that live in the fly over the country live with the fissure. The surveys showed that it was not simply a hole in the ground. Sure if you fell in you would fall but fall to where? Would you fall forever? Logic told us that there had to be a bottom. Logic also told us that there should have been some kind of earthquake or massive event to rip such a large wound in the land. Yet one second it was not there and then the next, it was. It wove through the heart of the continent for miles avoiding homes and by all accounts killing no one. All it seemed to be doing was existing and being hungry. The experts on tv described it as not necessarily a hole but the absence of something. It was not space and it was not a vacuum. Eventually, people started to venture down into it. All came back safe. One man fell into it and was never recovered though no one really knew what you would recover him from. So we continued with the deep fissure just being there. No one could heal it, no one wanted to explain it. Things continued to get worse and everyone blamed everyone, all the while ignoring the deep hole in the country. Photo by [Benjaminrobyn Jespersen]( on [Unsplash](