The landscapes are beautiful. They show up every time I make a new tab in my browser via unsplash. They create a deep longing in me. A longing to explore, to walk in beautiful places. To feel the furry of strange lands. I wish to know the people of those lands especially the ones that care for it. The longing is simple but deep. It resonates with a part of me that would write a poem about every tree I have ever encountered. So many people travel and see this wonderfully crafted world. I myself spend my days anchored to a single location. I have tried to leave a few times but if I am honest this is home base. I like where I live. I do have a desire to be able to go and do and drag my kids and wife along with me. To be enraptured by canopies of trees, pink and purple mountains, arid deserts and roaring oceans. Unfortunately, this is not the life I lead. It is not even close. I live unrequited adventure. This is not a bad life. Actually, it is a life of delayed gratification. My life is pointed by trips to places that fill a deep hunger. The Poconos, Colorado sand dunes, the Arizona desert, the Ouachita forest, and the site of my wife on our wedding day. They are in my muscles and sinew. They carry the electricity across my synapses and give color to the black and white of God's word. These places are few but they are still there.  This longing for adventure also finds fulfillment in books, and long walks, new people and the faces of my children and wife. They are sweeping mountains and restless seas. Mostly it finds fulfillment in the mediation of God for the skies always pour forth speech.  I never want to simply write something that does not help or at least tell a story. But I think I am telling a story. I am telling the story of you the man with a family who's honor is sound but has wild blood or you, mother and wife whos wings sometimes knock the fine china off the shelves.  Maybe we will meet on the road maybe you will read this and in through this, we will have met. Photo by [Galen Crout]( on [Unsplash](