I have been thinking a lot about the material intersecting the spiritual. It has been my observation that more and more we as a society are making decisions based around two very tenuous structures. The structures rise up in the digital landscape like titans of thought and eyes. Their names are relative truth and self-fulfilling logic loops. The child says, "Well he stole a cookie so I did too." While the campaign manager says,"Their campaign used propaganda so I did too." The logic loops get stronger when the efforts that we take are actually effective. We have quit asking whether or we ought to do something, we only ask, can we. It is like philosophical survival of the fittest. Remeber this process has rendered some truly monstrous results. Pretty sure that is how most dictators come to power. Do this thing, market this way, espouse this belief and you will find yourself in line with the fittest amongst us. Pretty sure that is the iron with which we seared our consciousness against slavery and the Romans threw the Christians to the lions. I feel it is very different this time because more and more of us have cast off that present spirituality. That knowing, of there being more than just me to consider. More than just my group, more than my team, tribe, and community. More than my country and more than the present or the world. Yet at the intersection, we find a very simple solution, while you remember that there is more to consider, you need only love your neighbor as yourself.