I have laid beneath the soil of earth with nothing to sell and nothing of worth. A life of terrible unending vibration from lives above with souls in exaltation. I was hid here a millennia ago and from this dear earth, I might be uncovered so. Your minds will reel with terror beyond. As I finally am allowed to sing the blessed song. Light will leak from my seems. The voices of realities cords will shake your dreams. None will sleep once I see the sky. For they will feel both terror and revelation from their now awe inspired minds. Then in hushed tones at what my existence fortells, they will gather around my glowing outer shell. Their hands will dig at the loose earth and all of mankind will seek to bury what they unearthed. I will sing and beg like I have before. I do not begrudge them anymore. Society after society has done me the same. For my form and figure does God's glory proclaim. * * * The piece above is supposed to the thoughts of some ancient undying creature buried in the earth. Ever so often a society advances enough and in their quest for knowledge the end up unearthing it. Inevitably the society has advanced just to the point where they have decided there is no God and that ultimately they will be the ones to wield ultimate knowledge but as soon as they pull back the earth from the creature it begins to proclaim the truth and society knowing their own folly does whatever toddler does and tries to hide their sins. So they bury the creature once again and humans are plunged into a new dark age. Still working on the book and the A.I Series but this was a little thing I came up with while musing about our ability to drink deep of hubris. I think it is wise for man to stay humble because we are not fully aware of the vastness that lays before us. Many have peered into the void and despaired. When I think on that vast unknowing darkness I wonder what light has not reached us yet. Isn't that life isn't that us all of humanity around our little campfire of technology hoping it holds whatever it is out in the vast strange sea at bay. How exciting how even now the skies pour forth speech.